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DFW Custom Homes

(817) 458-3239

Weatherford, TX 76087

We Build Luxury Custom Homes In Dallas/Fort Worth

✓ Upfront Flat-Rate Build Cost (No Surprise Bills)

✓ One-Of-A-Kind Custom Homes

✓ Over 40 Years Of Construction Experience

✓ Build On Your Lot Or Ours

✓ Smart Home Available

✓ Energy Efficient Home Available

✓ Assistance With Locating Financing

Interested in designing your dream home? Leave your info and we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

It starts with a good foundation.​

DFW Custom Homes is a premier custom home builder serving Fort Worth and Dallas. Our talented team works tirelessly to employ the latest in home building technology, so we can design and build homes that fulfills your wildest vision and dreams. With the financial strength and management expertise required of next generation home builders, we deliver what savvy homeowners seek in a new home: beautiful designs, smart engineering, and premium materials.

Quality from the ground up.

We offer a complete team that can guide you through every step of the home building process from finding land to securing a loan. We only hire the best staff, agents, builders, and contractors. Each one of our master builders has decades of prior home building expertise. We use cutting edge home building techniques and the highest quality materials (both seen and unseen) throughout each phase of the building process. Our goal is for your new house to last a lifetime, and we back this up by including a free industry leading StrucSure Home Warranty system at no additional charge.

Building on your priorities.

We recognize that your home is more than a comfortable place to call your own. Public schools are often the driving force in the selection of a home, so we take great care to purchase lots in areas with a strong reputation for high quality education. Additionally, we pay attention to (and exceed) all Home Owner Association (HOA) standards since enforcement of community restrictions has proven to be a great way to preserve home values over time.

We build every home as if it's our own.

Let Us Help You Build Your Dream Home In DFW

Our team has 40+ years combined experience in the construction industry.