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Barndominium & Barn Conversion

The nickname of Fort Worth is "Where The West Begins," so there are no shortage of barndominiums and barn converted homes in the area.


While barndominiums in DFW most often have a metal roof and walls they can be constructed with endless list of premium options such as wooden siding and stained concrete floors. Barndominiums can be built as one combination structure with a horse barn, shop, or garage. Or, if you prefer, your barndominium can exist as a stand-alone home.


At DFW Custom Homes, we are custom home builders with experience building numerous barndominium projects over the years. In fact, our primary master builder lives in a barndominium of his own! 


If you are interested in a barn conversion or building a barndominium in the Fort Worth area, contact us today for a free consultation.


Looking to build? Lets talk!

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