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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I want to purchase a DFW Custom Home, do I need to have a real estate agent?


To purchase a DFW Custom Home, it is absolutely not necessary to hire a real estate agent. However, since a home is a major purchase (often the largest purchase a family will ever make) we encourage you to hire a real estate agent to help guide and advise you through the process. You are free to choose whichever real estate agent that you like, and we will be happy to work with them to accomplish your goals and dreams. If you prefer, DFW Custom Homes also has a team of licensed sales agents who can help you find the perfect town, area, neighborhood, and lot on which to build your dream home.

Q: What style and type of home does DFW Custom Homes build?

Our homes have large, open floor plans that are designed to maximize livability and usability. Our ceilings range from 10 feet to 12 feet depending on your preferences. We use only the highest grade materials, fixtures, appliances, and finishes throughout the home. In terms of the exterior, we can build any style of home based on your personal preferences, such as: mediterranean style, castle style, modern style, cottage style, etc.

Q: Do you use energy efficient building products and techniques?

Yes! All of our homes are built using cutting edge energy efficient technology such as spray foam insulation and smart thermostats. By building efficiency into each home, we reduce the costs associated with owning and living in your home, as well as the long term impact on the environment.

Q: What type of Home Warranty do you offer?

All of our homes come with a standard home warranty provided by StrucSure. A new-home warranty from StrucSure Home Warranty provides homebuilders with peace-of-mind and financial protection in the event a construction or structural defect occurs in the home. Without a new-home warranty, a homeowner could find themselves with a hefty repair bill, a legal nightmare, or even worse, a home that is unsafe to live in. The hope is you will never need warranty coverage, but if a problem emerges, you'll be glad you're covered! For additional information please visit our warranty provider at

Q: Can DFW Custom Homes build a house on a lot that I already own?

Yes! We are thrilled to build a home for you on any lot or property that you own. Bring us your own floor plan or meet with our architect to choose one of our existing plans. Additionally, our team can help if you don't yet have a lot, but are looking for one to build on. 

Q: What are closing costs and how much will they be? 

When the title to the property legally transfers from one party to another (buyer and seller), closing costs are incurred. Typical closing costs include attorney fees, title fees, recording fees, appraisal fees, prepaid insurance and taxes. The amount of closing fees varies depending on the purchase price, loan terms, and location of the property, but typically average about 2-3% of the purchase price of the property.

Q: What is a smart home system? 


A smart home system refers to the electronic, automatic, or remote control of household features such as appliances and fixtures. Common components of a smart home system may include the centralized control of lighting, windows, appliances, security locks, surveillance cameras, and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

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