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 We Love Realtors

Referrals from Realtors have been our best and most consistent source of new clients. 


Our concierge-level service will provide clients (and you) with the kind of luxury service you are accustomed to.

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​Our Referral Program

  • We pay Realtors a referral fee for each referral who builds a home with us.

  • We pay Realtors in periodic payments as construction milestones are met. (Slab, Framing, Etc.) 

  • We keep Realtors informed and involved with the building project from start to finish.

  • Your referral fees do NOT increase the price of the home.

Why Top Realtors Love DFW Custom Homes

  1. New Home Warranty – This can be the most powerful selling tool for Realtors comparing custom construction to resale for their clients. New homes rarely need much of a warranty, but ours comes with a 1-2-10 year comprehensive home warranty from StrucSure.

  2. Rapid Appreciation – It’s a fact that new homes appreciate faster than resale homes, especially in the first few years. Home buyers love buying new or nearly new homes.

  3. Fewer Objections, More Choices –  With a custom home, your clients get to design exactly the home they want down to the smallest detail.

  4. Fresh Options – With a new custom home, your clients won’t have to worry about changing old carpets, appliances or fixtures. The selections will all be tailored to their individual taste and style.

  5. Energy Efficiency- The latest in green building and energy savings is built into our new homes. A new custom home will be less costly to operate operate in the future than home even just a few years old.

  6. Technological Advances – A new custom home can be designed around the latest smart home features your tech savvy clients require.

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